Your facility partner for furnishing meetings and events

Events are time-critical, customised productions in which every detail matters. The Boemer Rental Services Group with their working companies is the ideal facilities partner for organisers, standbuilders, event agencies, venues and exhibitors who aim to inspire and convince through live communication.


The customer comes first at Boemer Rental Services Group and this is also reflected in our logistics and services. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we do everything to achieve the desired experience.

Event engineering: high performance, technical customization in light, image and sound.

a variety of floorcoverings for the perfect combination between colors, shapes and materials.

an extensive rental assortment to achieve the desired layout and atmosphere for any event. The right decoration for every experience from simple to design to environmentally-friendly.


Our brands support more than 7000 events per year in the fields of furniture, floorcoverings, light, sound and image throughout Europe.

Why Boemer?

✓ Large and sustainable assortment
✓ More than 30 years experience
✓ Continuous innovation
✓ Efficient logistics
✓ 24/7 service and flexibility
✓ Always a local designated contact close to the major European event locations
✓ Sustainable
✓ European network, local knowledge with 16 warehouses throughout Europe